Pitching and Meeting Skills

The two things you need to sell a project are: great material that fits the buyer’s needs and getting the buyer excited enough to say yes!

Pitching Skills

Pitching is an art form that can be learned. During my tenure as a senior level development executive I’ve heard over 3,000 pitches and bought hundreds of projects.

So I know what it takes to capture a decision maker’s interest and motivate him or her to buy. I help you develop and prepare a killer pitch that can help you make the sale in the room.

A successful pitch is an engaging conversation. You’ll craft a killer pitch and learn how to deliver it.

I’ll teach you how to:

  • Prepare the right pitch for the right buyer
  • Structure your pitch so it grabs the buyer’s attention and keeps them captivated
  • Practice your pitch so it’s effective every time
  • Craft the secret element of a successful pitch

Most creative professionals find pitching overwhelming or intimidating. I take the mystery out of the process so you feel completely confident the next time you’re ready to sell a project.

Meeting Skills

From my work as an Executive and a Program Director for three prestigious writers programs, I’ve sat across the desk from thousands of professionals and helped to determine their “fate”. I know what it takes to “give great meeting” and will teach you the skills you need to prepare for the meeting, overcome nervousness and knock it out of the park each time.

Meeting skills work is appropriate for general meetings, executive meetings, interviews and in television, the all-important “Showrunner Meeting”.

To find out more about how pitching and meeting skills coaching can help you, send me an email and we’ll discuss it further.